Mathematicians of interest

Every week we ask our guest speaker to give us a name of a woman mathematician that they would reference or has been a role model for them. One of our officers presents a short bio about them before the talks.

This week:

Alison M Etheridge

Past weeks:

Elizabetta Strickland (Dr. Mahir Can)

Barbara Keyfitz (Dr. Kun Zhao)

Sophie Germain (Dr. Victor Moll)

Maryam Mirzakhani

Barbara Liskov (Dr. Anastasia Kurdia)

Hypatia of Alexandria (Dr. Karl Hofmann)

Katherine G. Johnson

Freda Porter-Locklear (Dr. Ricardo Cortez)

Anna Wheeler (Dr. Carola Wenk)

Linda Preiss Rothschild (Dr. Kalka)

Gertrude Cox (Dr. Lacey)

Olga Ladyzhenskaya     (Dr. Zhao)

Marie-Françoise Roy  (Dr. Wenk)

Joan S. Birman   (Dr. Kwasik)

Sophie Germain

Karen Ulhenbeck  (Dr. Yang)

Cathleen Morawetz   (Dr. Fauci)

Emmy Noether

(Please note that the links are either to wikipedia bios or the Agnes College Women Mathematicians Biographies)